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How do I get my CE credits? It’s too hard to get CE credits! I can’t afford to go to a conference to get my CE credits?

These are some of the comments our customers heard before they moved their continuing education training online. It is so much easier to add new fresh training options. The courses are much more affordable with zero travel costs. And their members can take the training anywhere any time.

Best of all for the association or professional organization your margin on online delivered training courses will be much better than what you are used to with doing face to face training. In fact some customers tell us they were losing money or struggling to break even on their classroom training, before they switched to an online delivered course through

You have the option to offer both a classroom option and the online option. The offline registrations and course completions can be managed in the system as well. And if you have other requirements such as certificate printing or monitoring CE credit totals and member status or standings we have done that and can do it for you as well.

We have some great success stories of professional trainers who have created online training courses approved for CE credits. Contact us if you have an interest in providing continuing education training.

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