Selling Training Online

How do you go about selling your training online? It may be easier than you think. If you haven’t read the article on e-Commerce for online training on this site, that may be helpful to learn what it takes to accept credit cards for your training, which is one of the most common ways of selling training.

Let’s assume you have setup a training course in and your payment processing is all in place and ready to serve the buyers interested in your course. What now? It is helpful to look at the 4 stages buyers go through and once you understand the process it becomes easier to decide what you can do to help them at each stage.

Awareness –is the first step. People have to be aware of a need, aware of a problem, aware of an opportunity before they will do anything about it. Think of ideas that you can use to tell people about what you do. What do you know about your customers? Where are they looking for information? Can you advertise online using Adwords? Are they looking offline, in the newspaper, would a flyer work…finding an effective and efficient way to connect with people is the trickiest part.

Interest – is the second step. Once you decide to do something about an issue, problem or opportunity you start seeking out information. If you have done a good job of planting seeds with people and they are aware of you and know what you do, you may get an opportunity to make a case for your solution. This is the step that having a good web site, a good brochure or other marketing materials can help.

Desire – is what builds on the interest and the person starts to commit to one of the options they are considering. This is where your marketing or personal selling helps to influence the person to make a decision and where you are positioned as the best choice your chances of success greatly increase.

Action – is the final and most important step. You need to get the person to follow through on their decision. You can increase your success rate by making sure you have provided both an emotional and logical appeal. Desire is more about the emotional appeal. But when you are on a registration page, if a good case has not been made to satisfy the logical part of the decision you won’t get high conversion rates on your training purchases.

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