Free Sample Course - Try It Today

When you want to see what your Trainees will see when they take a course we have an option to create an Access Code for a sample course. It answers a lot of the questions about what the online training system is capable of. You get to see a smple course that includes a combination of materials, audio narrations, PDF attachments, testing and a Training Certificate when the course is completed.

What is possible in setting up an online training course

  • Can I include text, audio narrations, video, PDF attachments, images in the training course materials?
  • Is there an option to add test questions and have a pool of questions so the tests are not all the same?
  • Can I control the navigation so a Trainee is forced to view the material or pages in order or are they free to start on any page?
  • When a person is taking a longer course is there an option to have them pause the course or resume where they left off?
  • How does video work in a course, can I link to YouTube, or would I have the video play right iin the course rather than linking off to another site?

Even though we can answer questions like these over the phone or in an email you may be ready to see for yourself what it could look like once a course is in a live use format. You also get to see how the the Admin portion of the system is used to create and send out an Access Code which is available for you to use whether you are selling your training or using it for internal use.

Want to see more, send us your name and email address and we'll send you your free Sample Course Preview.

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