Online test setup

When you want to allow people to be tested online, you have several options for quizzes, tests, exams, and assignments. allows you to build and manage a pool of questions to use for your online testing. The assignment feature allows you to create assignment questions or instructions which you can manually mark and provide feedback to your trainees.

This combination of testing choices is ideal for online certitication testing. The online test options can be used as a stand alone testing system or combined with training materials to create a complete e-learning experience with content delivery and knowledge testing.

A quiz is typically a short set of questions or a single question that is inserted in the training materials to break up the materials, provide training interaction, and help your trainees test their understanding and increase their confidence.

Online tests are typically part of the training course with multiple tests for that course. For example a course with five sections or modules, may have a test at the end of each section or module. Tests are typically made up of multiple choice or true false questions which can be scored automatically. Once the trainee submits the test the results are displayed in some cases showing the correct answer and in other cases only showing their score and incorrect questions.

Online exams are used when there will be one exam or the entire course. Exams draw from a pool of questions that can be randomly selected or include a Max of specific questions and random questions to create a more dynamic or unique set of test questions for each trainee.

There are many different styles of online testing. The system allows for custom rules to allow you to create a specific type of training experience to fit your learning objectives and situation.

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