A Personal Demonstration and Free Consult

Have you had an eye exam lately? The person administering the exam will show you two lenses and ask if it is clearer now, or clearer now? This happens after they have some basic information and understanding about what you need. The search for an online training system is similar. People start off knowing they need something but not sure how to get it, or if it is even possible. They seek out information and ask questions.

A Personal Demonstration gets you to "It's Clearer Now"

This is more personal than the Sample Course Preview and you have the option to ask questions and direct the demonstration so you can see what is important to you. You actually see what is on our screen as we login to the online training system. And we can talk on a conference call allowing you to have multiple people participate.

A lot of people want to see how the "Course Builder" part of the system works so they understand what is possible in creating their course content. You can also see what is involved when you want to edit or add content, both of which you can do yourself, or you can have us do that for you if you prefer.

An average demonstration takes about 40 minutes and can be scheduled within a few days of getting your request.

When you are ready, call, email or live chat and we'll arrange a time for you.

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