Online Testing Options

There are quite a range of testing options. One of the simplest is the Quiz. A quiz is usually a short 1 to 3 question set inserted in the training materials or presented throughout the course as a way for trainees to test their knowledge without the pressure of the formal test or exam. A quiz gives immediate feedback and is not for marks.

A test is usually for marks and the number of questions varies on the length of the course, time allowance and type of training. Tests can be open book or closed book by limiting access to materials and by restricting the time allowed for the testing. In most cases tests are scored automatically and instant feedback provided.

Retests are an option depending on the rules and learning objectives. The retest can be included or the trainee required to request or purchase an additional access code for the course. The retest can be the same test, a different question set, or just the questions that were incorrect on the previous test.

Exams are a comprehensive level test on a complete course or set of training modules. Exams can have a prescribed pass rate and retake rules. For compliance or certification programs exams can be proctored for additional levels of authentication.

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