Deliver your training online

Online training delivery is a great way for you to leverage the training you already have or to create and deliver new training materials. The effectiveness of online training delivery has increased dramatically. You can use a variety of material formats including, word, PowerPoint, audio, video, and PDF. Your trainee experience can be the same as sitting in a workshop, listening to a facilitator reading presentation notes, and watching video clips.

You can increase trainee engagement by adding quizzes to test their knowledge and create interaction. You can include a variety of testing exams, and assignments to measure their knowledge. There is even an optional survey tool to measure feedback during the course, and upon course completion.

Online training delivery is widely used by organizations who want to leverage the training they have and provide instant on-demand controlled access for their employees. Online delivery is also widely used by professional trainers, educators, and facilitators who want to add an online option as well as their face-to-face or workshop delivered training.

The TrainingToDo training engine has been designed to allow you to create effective training materials delivered over the Internet, whenever and to whoever you want. It is the easiest way to schedule and deliver training possible. And when you want to sell online training, adding in an online registration and purchase option allows you to market your course to your trainees.

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