Complete Package to Sell Training Online

Do I need a web site?

How will people pay?

How do they access my training materials?

When you want to sell your training online there are a few must haves to make it happen. Let's start with how they will be able to pay for your training course when they sign up.

Step 1 You are going to need a Merchant Account, which is a way for you to accept an online payment when someone registers for your training course. PayPal is one of the most popular payment processor for online transactions. Most of our clients have their own PayPal account to sell their training. This lets someone register for their course and pay with a credit card. The money goes into their merchant account.

Step 2 An online training delivery system lets you provide controlled access to your training course materials once someone has registered and paid. This is what the platform does for you. Each time someone registers, they are emailed their login credentials and a receipt of payment. You are copied on this message so you see each time someone registers for your course. They can then login and go throuh the course.

Step 3 A Course Builder Tool is what lets you take the materials you have which can be Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Audio and Video, and assemble them into a complete training course in the TrainingToDo system.The ability to create the online course is included in the system. This allows you to easily make changes to your training materials, to add test questions. You can also monitor and manage who has taked your training in the Admin module.

Step 4 Promote Your Course with a Microsite. If you already have a web site or way to promote your training course you can direct people to your registration page to purchase your training course. If you do not have a website, we can provide a microsite which is a basic website, typically 4 to 8 pages, with information about your training course or courses, your business or organization, contact information and details on your services.

We can also discuss ideas with you about how you can generate traffic to your site to grow your online training customers.






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