Why Get Online - And Why Now

Being online has its advantages. The three most common situations are: replacing traditional workshop or classroom training with online delivery; adding online to complement or as a blended learning program; and new online only training and testing delivery.

Whether you are selling training sessions or are training staff internally, the cost of face to face training continues to rise with the cost of professional trainers, facilities and travel. And on the student or trainee side of it, most have experienced online learning either through work or personal – and they love the convenience of being able to access training materials whenever and wherever they need it.

The main reason to choose online learning started out being mainly the low cost of delivery once you had a system setup to manage the course materials and testing, which was substantial. Now with the course builder type technology courses can be set up with little or no explanation removing much of the initial setup time and allowing you to maintain course materials yourself (if you choose, we can also maintain your training materials for you).

The bottom line with training is it has to be effective. You need training that has an impact and reaches your learning objectives, which you can do with well designed online training.

As for efficiency, we provide a fast and affordable setup, with the lowest cost of delivery possible. When you want to talk numbers we can let you know what to expect.

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