Get ready for online delivery

When you make the decision to go with online delivery for your training there are a few things to do to prepare for the switch. First and foremost is to review the learning objectives, testing requirements and ensure the online system can handle your requirements.

Next, get your materials in an electronic format, such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF, images, MP3, Video. Whatever you are planning to use, assemble the files and ensure they are clearly labelled or titled to organize into your online course.

When your plan is to provide online training for your employees you want to start preparing your employees for change well in advance. The more you can get employee buyin and involvement early on the smoother the transition. Create a schedule for the rollout of the training with timelines for the initial notification and target completion dates when this is for internal training. Making sure your employees know the process and what is expected helps to get the training kicked off on the right foot.

When your plan is to sell training a good starting point is considering the needs of the trainees' including both individual needs as well as the collective needs of the group. The better you know your trainees, the better you can design your training course. It is important to understand and work in the marketing aspects such as how you will price your course, how and where people will sign up or register for your online course.

We have helped many Clients to plan and complete the process of getting an online course ready right through to live use. Feel free to contact us with questions or ideas about your plan.

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