Test Online With Online Testing

How would you like to put online testing to the test? It is a lot easier than you think. The most common form of online testing makes use of multiple choice and true or false questions, to allow the test to be scored by the system. Questions are entered into the training system and the correct answer is set.

Ideally a pool of questions is created and a random set of questions are selected to make up each test. There are many ways to manage the test creation to allow you to manage the degree of difficulty. An Educator module allows you to view the question pool, easily make changes, and to view statistics on the test questions showing the frequency questions have been selected, and scored correctly or incorrectly.

Testing is sometimes overlooked when people are assessing their needs for an online training and testing system. The emphasis tends to be focused on how the training delivery system works and assumptions are mode on the testing.

We work with clients and have a test setup checklist to cover important settings and rules for the testing, retesting, display of test results and many other aspects of the testing process. And if you are not sure what you need, we can give you ideas of what other people have done for their testing, exams and quizzes.

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