Yes You Can Try It For Free

You must have questions right? When you have questions we are here to answer your questions. You may be just starting your search for some type of online training system or have an interest in online testing.

There are three options to Try It For Free:

  1. A Free Consult is your chance to ask us any questions. There is no cost and no pressure. It is natural for you want to know who we are, how the process works, and what you can expect.
  2. A Free Sample Course Preview is a way for you to see what a finished online couse looks like from a trainee's view. We send you an Access Code which lets you login and view the course materials.
  3. A Personal Demonstration is what most people want to see to help make the decision if this is the right choice for their needs. We arrange for an online meeting where you can view our screen as we tour through the building of a course and Admin capabilities you have to manage your training. We can talk on a conference call letting you ask questions and direct the discussion to what is important for you.

We work mainly with people who want to:

  • sell training online
  • license an LMS to do high volume or specialized training and testing
  • manage an online certification program with training and testing

Even if this does not describe you we may be able to help you. We have a lot of experience and when we don't do what you need can help you to find someone who does.

When you are ready,  feel free to call, email, live chat.

When you want to "see how online training and testing works" and could work for you, talk to us about a free personal demo where we can talk on a conference call and you can see what a trainee would see as we use the system while we answer your questions. Even nif we are not the right fit for you we will help you to be clear about what you need and end up with a solution that you decide is the best for you.

To request a your free demo contact us today.

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