Harassment Prevention Training Online

Every Employer is required to provide a safe workplace including having a harassment policy, making sure employees understand it, and agree to follow it.  Every employee has the right to a workplace that is free of harassment.

The definition of harassment is reasonably standard. This makes it easy for business to adopt a generic harassment training program. What changes from workplace to workplace are the people involved, how incidents of harassment must be reported, and how incidents of harassment will be investigated and handled.

Step one is to develop a harassment prevention document. Step two is to post that document in the workplace and ensure every employee has reviewed the document understood the document and agrees to follow the steps in the document. Step three is then to implement the policy and prevent incidents of harassment and investigate reports of incidents of harassment.

The system works very well for managing your harassment prevention program. Your materials can be text from Word document, or you could upload entire document as a PDF, if you have a video to support your materials that can be uploaded. Adding audio can help to explain the policy and steps for reporting incidents. And for further reinforcement you can add test questions or quiz questions to gauge people's understanding.

This is a very affordable way to manage a company harassment prevention program. The cost of delivery is often less than the paper costs and distribution costs are circulating paper policies plus there are significant time savings with the online system.

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