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If you have training, you are a trainer, chances are you have had this thought, "I wish I could deliver more training and reach more people."

And the thought that usually comes after that is, "but getting people to attend my training is getting harder all the time."

We help people like you leverage what they already have and make it more accessible. And with that we give them a much lower cost of delivery. The two work together to let you do more training, and generate greater revenues which let you continue to do what you do best.

Convert to Online Training – Success Story

You may be wondering how does online training work?
Could I convert my training course for online delivery?
Who else is doing this?

You can read about a recent success story of a person who did just what you are thinking about. The following three paragraphs are one customer's answer to these questions and describe the process from looking for options to looking at their first signups for their online course.

Reference letter from Heather Cournoyer, Majix

How does someone with limited computer technology knowledge find just the right platform to launch an online training program? Surfing of course! When I had completed developing my first course for Continuing Education for the Insurance Industry, I needed a platform that had to perform multiple functions. It had to link to my website, be able to take on-line payments, provide security for the material, a testing platform also with security, ability for expansion as the company grows and more. And I needed someone to help me through the process. After locating several providers and comparing the services, platform options and value it was an easy decision. We chose,

Allan Dubyts responded to my queries quickly and in person (by phone), we set up a demo and we were on our way! From the date of our first contact to completion took less than 4 weeks! Allan and his trusty sidekick Andrew were there to walk me through the process. The course material was emailed to them, along with the exam, answer key and contact information for my webmaster. So with a combination of the expertise from Allan and Andrew at Training To Do and Teresa Cleveland from Your Success Clinic, we were on our way.

The entire process is almost seamless. The client reviews the course information on my website, signs up, pays the fee, and receives their username and password and Voila they are set to go. We have already had several people sign up for the course, study the material and take the exam! The feedback has been fantastic. They love the material and the ease of maneuvering through the site.

There will be more courses and we will be expanding nationally with my partners – Training to Do and Your Success Clinic!

Heather Cournoyer

When you are ready to talk about your training plans let us know, we want to hear from you.

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