Online Training Delivery

The Internet makes it easy to provide training content, instantly, globally, and in virtually unlimited quantities at a very cost per person. A web based training delivery system allows you to provide your training materials in an electronic format, which can be as simple as a .PDF file or as elaborate as an interactive video or game based learning experience. As with any training course there is an initial setup cost to get your materials prepared. If your materials already exist in a format such as PowerPoint or video this initial setup is mostly a conversion to a format such as Flash and then loading them into a system to allow you to control who has access to the materials and how you can distribute this access either as a paid access for professional trainers or as free access to employees within an organization.

For professional trainers selling their training, a turnkey solution can be created allowing them to promote the training from a web site which includes the ability to sign up and pay online, have the customer's login information emailed to them, and a notification emailed to the trainer.

For corporate trainers the opportunity is to have a system which offers more of the learning management system benefits which are the ease of scheduling training, and just knowing who needs training by having alerts inform them when someone is due for retraining. Associations and organizations managing a professional certification or continuing education program are typically looking for a system that will do both, give them to offer on demand training with a very low cost of delivery, and have an advanced database system for managing and automating the training record management.

If you don't care about who has access to your training materials you could just put up video on YouTube, or put a PDF on your web site for employees to access. Creating good training materials takes time, costs money and most people want to protect that investment. They are looking for a way to provide "controlled access" to their training materials so that competitors or anyone browsing the net is not able to view thier training.

The TrainingToDo training engine gives you the ability to provide controlled access to your course materials to make learning an enjoyable experience - but only for the people you give an access code to.

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