Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is an acronym for Learning Management System which can range from something as simple as a spreadsheet set up in a few hours to a highly advanced database driven application which automates and manages the entire learning experience for an organization, like an online corporate university.

As an organization grows the value of training increases at a faster rate. At a minimum there are training courses required for compliance with government regulations, accreditations, association certifications and supplier restrictions on product knowledge training. The penalties for non compliance with training requirements can be significant and in some cases can shut down a business.

There are many forms of LMS available and it is important to understand your current needs, the future plans for your organization, and the options available to select an LMS that fits and will provide the flexibility to grow with your organization. You can contact us to discuss your interest in an LMS that fits your needs, now and in the future.

The system is much more than an LMS. We refer to is as a Training Engine becuase it has the ability to power your entire training needs. It has a highly developed Administrative set of capabilities. It also has many flexible licensing options that let you get amazing technolgy without the high cost of building or customizing an empty LMS.

When you have a lot of training to do, or want to sell your training courses, or need the details tracking an administration to manage a continuing education or professional designation program connect with us and tell us your plans.

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