Professional Trainers

Online training is on the increase as an option for many forms of professional training. What was once dominated by classroom and workshop style training delivery is now shifting to include a much higher mix of online training delivery with traditional face to face training. The main reason is the convenience of online training for the trainees, and the lower cost of delivery to the trainer..

As a Professional Trainer you have a limit of where and when you can offer training as well as limits on the rates you charge and minimum and maximum number of people per training session. Customers are looking for more "on demand training" which can be delivered instantly. When a new employee starts, they need their safety and health training immediately.

Much of the compliance type training is like this. When a company identifies a training gap they want to close it immediately. Not everyone believes in online training. For example one of our first customers was delivering a three day workshop training course and was limited in how many sessions he could do in a month. He decided to take all of the sections of the training where the trainer was not just delivering content and move that information into a set of online modules.

This included things like watching a 20 minute video, learning key terms and definitions. The online course became a prerequisite course for the workshop which was reduced to two days in the classroom. This increased his training capacity significantly and provides better margins on the training course because of the lower cost to deliver the online training course.

Imagine how much training your could do and people you could impact if you were not limited by time?

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